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Optech Usa Utility Photo Noir | 460 Dh

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460.00 Dh

Optech usa utility photo noir est disponible au Maroc. Ses caractéristiques spéciales :

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Optech usa utility photo noir – Caractéristiques & Prix au Maroc :


Date de mise en ligne
31 mai 2022
Disponibilité des pièces détachées
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3,7 sur 5 étoiles
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➕ Quel est le prix de Optech usa utility photo noir au Maroc ?

Le prix de Optech usa utility photo noir Neuf est 460 TTC.

➕ Quand est sorti Optech usa utility photo noir ?

La date de sortie est 31 mai 2022.

➕ Quel est le prix de Optech usa utility photo noir occasion pas cher ?

Le prix de Optech usa utility photo noir Occasion est 320 TTC.

➕ Quelles sont les principales caractéristiques de Optech usa utility photo noir ?

Spécifications spéciales :

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➕ Où acheter Optech usa utility photo noir au Maroc ?

Electroplanet, Marjane, Aswak Assalam, Carrefour, Jumia, Boutiques spécialisés, Mall, ….


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10 avis pour Optech Usa Utility Photo Noir | 460 Dh

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  1. B. Z (client confirmé)

    Because of the review of the user with the Canon DSLR and his pictures, I went with the OP/TECH Utility Strap with the swivel hooks. I combined the strap with the OP/TECH Utility Loop connectors, it’s an awesome combination. The swivels get rid of the strap getting twisted up like a normal camera strap. I can now just un-clip the strap from the utility loops for storage. Easy peasy to store it in my Hazard4 wedge camera bag. No worries about damage to the camera (LCD screen), from the strap being connected to it, in my Hazard4 wedge bag.The shoulder padding of the strap has just enough stretch without adding bounce while carrying my Nikon D750. The contour of the padding makes the Utility Strap very comfortable whether around my neck, on my shoulder or slung cross body. The utility strap is also long enough to carry the camera cross body and hangs at belt level. I’m 6’2″ and 240 pounds and it works awesome slung cross body. I can now add the security sling for when I’m in a high theft area and only have to un-clip the webbing from the shoulder pad to use it on the security sling. OP/TECH has really thought out this system and I can’t say enough about the quality of their products.I will revisit this review if any failures of the strap system occur. From the looks of this strap, I highly doubt it will have any kind of failure.

    (0) (0)
  2. A. O (client confirmé)

    So lets get this out there its honestly the best strap I have used to date. The prerequisites for a great strap are: You can remove it, you can adjust it and its doesn’t kill your neck. Surprised huh? This is really all you need. If you carry around a DSLR with heavy lenses this will reduce the strain on your neck and allow you to adjust the camera position in many different configurations. Because you can lengthen and shorten the strap by quite a bit you can wear it like a regular strap with the camera in front of your chest. When you lengthen it you can fit it over your shoulder (similar to a messenger bag style) and you can do this quickly on the fly. This has been a extremely beneficial part for this strap for me. I use it a lot when I am hiking when I need more camera stability or I need the camera out of the way and not swinging in front of me. The quick release clips are really handy when you dont want a strap and you just want to hang on to the camera. Around the house I take the strap off so that its not in the way when in use. Then when you need the strap its back on. Its been a perfect solution to a camera strap and has not left me with wanting more. If your still rocking your stock neck strap give this a try I would be surprised if it didn’t work as well for you as it did for me.

    (0) (0)
  3. J. R (client confirmé)

    Love this strap… identical (minus the CPS branding) to straps Canon provides to CPS members. I tried the Op/Tech Pro Strap first, but hated it… wasn’t “sticky” enough, and always felt like it was about to slide off my shoulder. The more unglamorously-named Op/Tech Utility Strap is far superior. I discarded the end clips that it comes with, and replaced them with Op/Tech Pro Loop Connectors.

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  4. K. Z (client confirmé)

    i have hunted around for a strap for my nikon dslr for ages that has swivel hooks. i also have the op/tech loop connectors so this attaches brilliantly just as i wanted. The strap is also long enough to have across your body or short around your neck.its really comfy whichever way you wear it.i also have the womens black rapid strap which is great but sometimes i don’t want a strap that has to be cross body as its so i feel i have the best of both worlds with this only negative point is that i felt it was very expensive for a strap.

    (0) (0)
  5. L. C (client confirmé)

    Can’t go wrong with the OpTech/USA Pro Strap. It’s made out of thick neoprene, with a thick elastic band attached to it with heavy stitching for further support.It reduces the weight of the camera considerably, specially, if carrying a battery pack, and a large lens.Additional extensions can be purchased that would allow to comfortably carry the cam across the shoulder.It is possible to buy the OpTech/USA Pro strap for under $10 on, with S&H included.Definetely a 5 Star Product.

    (0) (0)
  6. R. R (client confirmé)

    Also got the uni loops with extension, swapped them to this strap for camera use. Durable and comfy.

    (0) (0)
  7. J. D (client confirmé)

    I purchased this strap for two reasons. First, I was looking for a replacement for the strap that came on my camera bag that was horrible. Second, I found a neat little gadget also made by OP/TECH in their Connectors called Utility Loops. These loops allowed me to put short, sturdy leads on the strap mounts on my DSLR that have loops on the end to attach a strap that could be easiy removed when not needed. The swivel clips on this strap make a perfect match and are far more secure than the small pinch clips camera straps often come with.When this strap is not on my camera, its on my bag. Some people may want to carry the bag at the same time, but I find I dont, so this is a perfect solution.The strap has an excellent rubberized coating on the bottom side of the strap that does a great job keeping it in place. The angled curve of the strap also helps by allowing you to carry your bag closer to your body, or make it more comfortable around your neck. There is a little stretch in the strap but not nearly as much as some smaller/narrower straps. With a large lens and battery grip on my camera it’s not light. Some less substantial straps simply stretch too much and are even worse when attempting to use them as a bag strap.Only con I see right now is the edges of the strap, although not uncomfortable, are still a bit stiff. I think that will change as it sees more use.Awesome strap, definately above average quality and value.

    (0) (0)
  8. D. H (client confirmé)

    Très pratique et confortable. Je l’utilise en combinaison avec une autre sangle de la même marque.produit assez haut de gamme mais qq. finition de couture à améliorer.

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  9. A. P (client confirmé)

    This is a great camera strap. I chose this strap to do double duty, to use as a camera strap and as a strap for my camera bag (less things to carry.) The deciding factor to choose OpTech was the Adapt-its and the Utility Loop Connecter. They fit my Nikon camera and still allow easy removal. The padding is comfortable and doesn’t bounce around like some other straps I’ve had. The only negative I have found so far is the snaps are a little difficult to remove from the Utility Loop Connector. I would definitely recommend this item.

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  10. E. A (client confirmé)

    I purchased these to with a pair of Vortex Viper binoculars in conjunction with the Op/Tech 1301222 Utility loop connectors. I have always like the comfort of the Op/Tech neck straps, and, they seem to last forever.

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