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Sac D’Épaule Retrospective Pinestone 007286 | 3970 Dh

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3970.00 Dh

Sac d’épaule retrospective pinestone 007286 est disponible au Maroc. Ses caractéristiques spéciales :

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Sac d’épaule retrospective pinestone 007286 – Caractéristiques & Prix au Maroc :


Date de mise en ligne
1 juillet 2022
Disponibilité des pièces détachées
‎information indisponible sur les pièces détachées
Moyenne des commentaires client
4,6 sur 5 étoiles
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Vidéo de test – Sac d’épaule retrospective pinestone 007286 :




Questions & Réponses – Sac d’épaule retrospective pinestone 007286 :

➕ Quel est le prix de Sac d'épaule retrospective pinestone 007286 au Maroc ?

Le prix de Sac d’épaule retrospective pinestone 007286 Neuf est 3970 TTC.

➕ Quand est sorti Sac d'épaule retrospective pinestone 007286 ?

La date de sortie est 1 juillet 2022.

➕ Quel est le prix de Sac d'épaule retrospective pinestone 007286 occasion pas cher ?

Le prix de Sac d’épaule retrospective pinestone 007286 Occasion est 2770 TTC.

➕ Quelles sont les principales caractéristiques de Sac d'épaule retrospective pinestone 007286 ?

Spécifications spéciales :

– – ‎+ Sac d’épaule –

➕ Est-ce que c'est intéressant d'acheter ce produit ?

Les meilleurs personnes qui peuvent vous répondre sont les clients qui ont déjà acheté et testé ce produit (Voir les Avis des Clients).

➕ Où acheter Sac d'épaule retrospective pinestone 007286 au Maroc ?

Electroplanet, Marjane, Aswak Assalam, Carrefour, Jumia, Boutiques spécialisés, Mall, ….


Fiche technique – Sac d’épaule retrospective pinestone 007286 :


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  • Garantie :

    Vérifier la durée de la garantie et aussi les pannes et défauts qu’elle couvre. Est ce qu’elle est complète ou limitée? et Quels éléments sont compris par la garantie (pièces, réparations ou les deux)?

  • Livraison :

    Est ce que la livraison est offerte ? Et combien ça prend du temps pour se faire livrer (Délai de livraison)

  • Preuve d’achat :

    il ce que la boutique vous donne une facture.

  • Service après vente :

    Est ce qu’il ont un service après vente pour avoir des informations sur l’installation ou le fonctionnement(mode d’emploi). Aussi en cas de problème, est ce c’est le vendeur qui se charge ou vous devez vous même contacter le fabricant ou le fournisseur.


10 avis pour Sac D’Épaule Retrospective Pinestone 007286 | 3970 Dh

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  1. H. E (client confirmé)

    I read once that the head of the U.S. Patent Office announced, about 50 years after the Industrial Revolution, that “Everything that could be invented has been invented”. That’s a pretty stupid thing to say, and he probably didn’t say it, but this Think Tank Photo Retrospective 7 V2.0 camera bag makes me want to declare something similar.I can’t imagine a more functional, well built bag ever being created. I mean it has pockets, and more pockets, at least three zippered compartments, and so much hook and loop material that, well just don’t call it Velcro.I started out thinking I wanted the smallest and lightest bag for my kit, which consists of a Sony A7III, the 55, and the 12-24. Then I received the camera in a bundle with a perfectly acceptable, free tiny bag. I actually could stuff all that in it, with maybe the battery charger too. It looked silly it was so small, so my thinking changed.I decided that I wanted room to grow, or just more room to maneuver. I even thought I might want a bag that could accommodate my mid 2012 13″ Macbook Pro. Think Tank claims that the 7V2 will fit a 13.3 laptop, but the newer 13.3’s are about 3/4″ x 1/2″ smaller than mine. But it fits! Snug but not at all hard to get in or out. And the new V2 zippered closure (the main reason I went for the V2) closes completely over it too. Flap down and I am good to go.It’s all sand washed cotton canvas, treated with some kind of water repellant (not wax; no residue). The inner lining is shiny, silky polyester. Two fold-over dividers already attached, and four more sealed in plastic. Nylon rain bag too, with its own hook and loop strap, attaching it to the main bag. It’s going to hold all your gear, and more. If you decide you want smaller, then get the 5. The 5 will work fine for many. They have the larger 10, 20, and 30 too, all designed exactly the same from what I understand.The side pocket, expandable after unhooking the antique plated brass hook buckle (All the hardware is antique plated brass), has a fold down cotton canvas floor on the inside, hooked and looped when raised of course. This lowers onto the nylon floor, which is nylon to allow it to collapse and buckle up easily! Talk about attention to detail.There are no feet under the bag, but there is an interior padded “floor” for adequate protection.The black 7V2 was not yet available on. That is made entirely from brushed polyester, is a little more rain resistant, and a bit lighter. You might not want this Pine Stone cotton canvas at any kind of dress up affair. It suits my lifestyle just fine.If you are into unassuming functionality, this is it. I haven’t bought a camera bag in years, and they sure have come a long way since then. Highly recommended, even in the future.

    (0) (0)
  2. D. R (client confirmé)

    I have been a professional photographer for 35 plus years and I have had loads of camera bags, and I have to say this is one of the best. It is made of heavy duty quality materials. Nice understated styling. Plenty of pockets and dividers. Room for 70-200 2.8 zoom, two bodies and several smaller lenses. It has a rear pocket which is a perfect fit for a 13 inch laptop. Front pocket for accessories. The large flap like cover is secured by velcro. The amount of the pad exposed can be adjusted, thus avoiding the inevitable excessive ripping sounds. Ideal for Videographers too..

    (0) (0)
  3. M. N (client confirmé)

    les videos disent vrai. Super bien étudié. j’y mets un Sony mirrorless avec son objectif 70/180 monté, le 24/70, le Godox avec les accessoires, il y a de la place pour un autre objectif de même calibre…je peux y mettre un portable, et toutes les poche pour les fils et autres batteries (ça prend de la place mine de rien). si plus? passez à la version 30, mais là, ça fait pas “photographe”.

    (0) (0)
  4. K. P (client confirmé)

    Ce sac a été offert pour y ranger un appareil photo. Rien n’indique au regard de son esthétisme que ce sac porte un appareil de valeur. On peut très aisément le confondre avec un sac ordinaire de sport par exemple. Très bel achat

    (0) (0)
  5. B. O (client confirmé)

    Very happy with this bag. It appears to be very sturdy, comfortable to wear, looks good and easily holds all the gear I need to carry. Haven’t tried it in the rain yet, but I have no doubt as to it’s water resistance.

    (0) (0)
  6. J. S (client confirmé)

    Plein de possibilités d’agencement, dimensions parfaites pour un appareil et des objectifs imposants (longs), nombreuses poches et rangements, matériel qui respire la qualité !

    (0) (0)
  7. B. G (client confirmé)

    I wanted a camera bag that looked more contemporary, but had some well-thought out features that you can’t get if you just adapt any old shoulder bag. As I’ve owned other Think Tank products I knew the quality was good, if not a little expensive, but then you so often get what you pay for!A great bag that’s ideally sized for a single body and lens attached, plus 2-3 other lenses, a mix of accessories, a small laptop/tablet and enough expandability for some hefty items in the front pocket. The exterior water bottle pouch is a great idea, and snugly fits a 1L nalgene style bottle.

    (0) (0)
  8. I. C (client confirmé)

    I have several of these bags and love them. Convenient and configurable with great protection. I keep each of them packed ready to go. I use the 7 for my full frame cameras ((Canon, Nikon, Sony) with the 24 to 70 mm/104 mm attached and a 70 to 200 in a compartment. Charger and a couple of spare batteries and I am ready to go. I use the 5 series for my Fuji X T3 with 18 to 135 mm attached and wide angle/tele in a compartment.Great bags, tough and easy to carry without any logos so they are reasonably covert. Thoroughly recommended.

    (0) (0)
  9. P. H (client confirmé)

    This is super spacious, fits my Fujifilm XT2, 18-55 lens, 55-200 lens, MacBook 13”, flash, all covers, water bottle, gloves, a handful of other random accessories and there was still plenty of room.The design is solid, very well thought out, super subtle and for a shorter female (me)… I did not feel I looked out of place wearing it. My friends thought it was a new messenger laptop bag.Padding is plentiful, there are zipper, Velcro, and silencing options throughout the bag. All the good things are in this bag!

    (0) (0)
  10. K. R (client confirmé)

    Acheté pour ranger un nouvel appareil, ses accessoires et un objectif supplémentaire. Je possède déjà deux modèles (ancienne version) Rétrospective 5 & 10, quelques améliorations dans cette version 2 mais les qualités de base restent les mêmes.

    (0) (0)
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